Friday, October 30, 2009

Six Days and Counting

Well, Kids, here we go. I'm six days out from yet another major life change. Apparently I'm prone to reinventing myself about every 10 years (more on the PhD later), so have decided that my days of shopping at the fat-girls department are OVER. No more Women's World for me. I swear, if I have to try on one more boxy, black, size 2x suit jacket with the lovely matching gored skirt, I'm going to throw up my Carb Free Slim Fast Shake. We're not even going to talk about trying on plus-size jeans - at least not today.

There is also a history of heart disease, adult onset diabetes, and stroke in my family. So beyond ultimately looking fabulous, I'm also going to get healthy and do all that I can to fend off future health issues.

After an entire adult life (I'm 57) of Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Weight Loss Center, Diet Center (hell, I even tried Seattle Sutton (horrible)), it's time to take this weight off once and for all. I can lose weight, I just can't keep it off, and that has always been the overriding challenge. Two years ago I managed to take off about 40 lbs.; I started working out with a personal trainer, and going to the gym like a good girl. However, over the past eight months, I've nearly put it all back on. That's when I realized I have to get off this yo-yo.

I visited the official Lap-Band website and found a fantastic surgeon at St. Joseph's Hospital in Chicago. I am also extremely impressed with his entire surgical team, who have made me feel like family. I know I'm in good hands and, although anxious, very much looking forward to the next phase in my life. Wednesday, November 4th is the big day. I have no idea who will read this, but whomever you are, we'll take this journey together.

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